A&R Barbecue

     The first day of Meleah and I’s road trip consisted of a stretch of driving, with relatively few stops on our way to Nashville, Tennessee. Our first stop of interest was at a small barbecue place in Memphis called A & R Barbecue. We used her GPS, arriving in a neighborhood that looked a bit dilapidated. Several buildings were boarded up on the sides and all the windows and doors of the buildings there had bars on them. Interestingly, the lines between where the dilapidated portions of the neighborhood and neatly cut grass and well kept buildings seemed to blur together a bit. I have remember seeing a rather nice looking church, a cemetery, and some sort of government building nearby all in great, if not exceptional condition.
The restaurant itself was small-more parking lot than shop-with a faded pig greeting passerby on its dimly lit sign. The place did not look exceptionally appetizing. Nonetheless, Meleah had been to another one before and assured me the food was good.
Inside the walls were largely white with a few posters and wall hangings. Benches were set to either side of the room, with people sitting or standing in wait for their orders. Aside from us, the customers were all African American as was everyone I had seen since coming to the area.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and some water. The cashier was very congenial. The wait wasn’t bad. I wasn’t paying attention when my order came, so I did a strange hop/jog to the cashier who was holding out my order. She laughed at me as I probably looked a bit silly. Afterwards, I dug in, and oh sweet baby Jesus that sandwich was good! Worth every penny (the price was cheap bastard friendly anyway), and worth braving the somewhat off-putting look of the place.

Later, we arrived at Meleah’s cousin’s house in Nashville! Beautiful home! Comfortable bed! He even gave us food for our trip! Shout out to Mark, because he is awesome!


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